Making my Pink Bird Tree Print

Pink Bird Tree Making

Making my Pink Bird Tree Print

Many people ask about the process of how my designs are transformed from cut up paintings to art prints for little people. Well, here is a peek of how my birds were created. Making my Pink Bird Tree print wasn’t as time consuming as others as the tree was already made from my Blue Bird Tree print, however the fiddly cutting out of tails and wings made up for it!

Some Bunnings colour cards helped inspire me with a colour combination for this design, however I added a few of my own paint colours over the top of them to create pattern and texture.

Once I was happy with the colours and waited for them to dry I did some rough sketches of a few birds. Some I liked, others I didn’t. Some ended up a combination of a few drawings.

I then started to cut out some shapes to create the birds. Freehand works best for me as it allows me to play around with shapes and mix and match different colour combinations.

As you will see in the photo, I originally had a green to add to the birds, however it just didn’t look right. I had some yellow left over from another design which gave the birds a much softer texture.

Fiddly!!!! Once the bodies of the birds were cut out, I made their tails, legs, beaks etc. With quite a few of the pieces, it was really hard to have them glue properly as there was such a small part to attach. Lots of patience and breath holding!

Once the birds were glued and their tails weren’t going to fall off with picking them up, I started placing them on the tree and moving them around on different branches to see where they were happiest.

After all birds approved of their perch, they were carefully glued to the tree.

A trip to the printer, a quick scan, some colour editing / matching and BOOM! My Pink Bird print was ready for sale.

You can purchase your own copy of my Pink Bird Tree print here.

2 thoughts on “Making my Pink Bird Tree Print

    • Thank you Tracy! I really wanted to create art that wasn’t computer generated and told more of a story, so this is what I came up with : )

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