Art Activities for Kids – Cellophane Windows

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 Art Activities for Kids – Cellophane Windows

Are the little people in your household beginning to behave like animals in captivity? With all this cold, wet weather, my little men are wearing a track in the floorboards around the house. When it comes to art activities for kids, there is only so much painting that I can tolerate when much of my 2 year old’s efforts I end up having to wipe off the walls, fridge, cupboards, face… etc.

Apart from scissors, which I have mentioned in a previous post, little people love sticky stuff. So this week I have a quick, simple and fun arty crafty activity for you to do with the kids which requires only a handful of simple materials.


  • contact
  • scissors
  • cellophane
  • glitter
  • any sparkly stars, bits and pieces that you find lying around

Simple as 1, 2, 3!


Contact Art 1

1. Cut a strip of contact off the roll and peel off the back.

2. Arm the little people with glitter, cut up bits of cellophane, sparkly stars etc to stick onto the contact.


Contact Art 2


3. When they have finished decorating, you can either stick the whole strip of cellophane onto a window or cut it up into shapes, pictures etc. We cut ours up into fish and stars. 


Contact Art 3


  • This is definitely an outside activity, especially if you are using glitter! Our grass looked very pretty when we were done :)
  • If you cover the whole piece of contact with cellophane and glitter, it won’t stick as well to the window so make sure there are some clear bits left so it sticks. My boys got a bit carried away and the fish and stars didn’t stick too well to the window so we had to add a little sticky tape around the edges.
  • Instead of sticking the shapes to a window, you could always stick two pieces of decorated contact together, put a hole punch in the top and hang them near a window. You would still get a stained glass effect but it would hang like a mobile.
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Contact Art 4

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