Autumn Leaf Activities for Kids


10 Quick and Easy Autumn Leaf Activities for Kids

Tis the season of autumn

and my garden, driveway and gutters are filling up with leaves of gorgeous colours and shapes. Frustrating for some, but for others, these leaves are a wonderful excuse to get involved in some fun autumn leaf activities for kids.

autumn-leaf-activity-for-kids-31. Place the leaves on some clear contact and stick onto a window (as seen in the picture above).

2. Place a piece of white paper over a leaf and create rubbings with autumn coloured crayons.

3. Create a collage of leaves or attempt a picture by gluing the leaves onto a piece of paper.

autumn-leaf-activity-for-kids-24. Glue some leaves of different shapes onto a piece of paper and turn them into another object by drawing eyes, legs, wheels etc with a texta.

5. Paint the leaves and press onto a piece of paper.

autumn-leaf-activities-for-kids-56. Group the leaves into like colours, sizes and shapes etc…. and then glue onto a piece of paper.

7. Make an autumn leaf crown by stapling leaves along a thin strip of paper that you can then staple together to make a crown.

8. Make some autumn leaf bunting using a piece of string and some pegs to peg the leaves along the string.

Autumn-leaf-activity-for-kids-19. Make a shape or picture with the leaves on the grass.

10. Finally, not sure if this one classifies as art or craft….Rake the leaves into a big pile in the garden and then jump into them, roll through them and throw them in the air. When was the last time you did this?

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