Zip Lock Bag Painting 7 Ways


Zip Lock Bag Painting 7 Ways

Welcome Lauren! A gorgeous friend of mine who is also a teacher :) She has written a post for my page on a fun and CLEAN activity to do with the little people in your lives. Do yourself a favour and check out her page at Teacher Types. She has so many fun and creative ideas and activities for kids.

Hello there! I’m Lauren – mother, teacher, blogger of ‘teacher types’ and good friend of Sarah’s. It’s great to be here today to share some fun arty ideas that can be enjoyed at any age (well 0-6 at least). Sometimes I feel that I really want to get the paints out with my little 20 month old – but could do without the mess once in a while! Zip lock bag painting is really popular, and you’ll probably see this idea pop up on Pinterest every now and then – so I’m going to try and give you some different ideas appropriate for each age 0-6.

Clockwise from top L

Under 1 – Simply squish the bag and play! Or tape to the floor while bubs is enjoying tummy time. Be careful of little teeth that may pierce the bag (try double bagging if this is the case).

1 – Tape to a window or glass door to encourage standing and swirling the paint around in the zip lock bag (it didn’t stay taped up for long with my little one – but you may have more luck).

2 – Begin to discuss and teach various colours while your little one is playing (tape it to a table to keep it in place). You could also put a piece of paper cut to size inside the zip lock bag to keep their finished art work.

3 – Add detergent and a little bit of water to create a bubble painting!

4 – Talk about primary colour mixing. Set out three different zip lock bags; one with red/yellow, one with blue/red and one with yellow/blue.

5 – Use fingers to write letters and numbers.

6 – Use a cotton bud to write simple sight words or spelling words. (Tip: use a smaller amount of paint for the writing activities so that you can see the letters more clearly).

Zip lock bag painting is a wonderful sensory experience. Sometimes little people don’t like certain textures on their hands, and the zip lock bag is a great way they can enjoy it while staying clean (yay for us parents too!)

Thanks again Sarah for featuring me on your blog. My little miss had a great time ‘helping’ me with the photographs for this post!

Lauren :)

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