Playdough Party Bags

Crocodile Playdough

Playdough Party Bags

My youngest is about to celebrate his 4th birthday. This will be his first party. Brave or crazy!? There is a reason why he hasn’t had one so far…. July doesn’t offer the most reliable weather for park parties but we are holding our breath.

There will be a range of ages at his party, toddlers up to 10-12 year olds. The one thing that Master 4 wanted at his party was lolly bags with lots of lollies. So that is what he will get, along with the older children. The little ones however are getting a fun alternative. Hoping their parents will thank me for the reduced sugar load!

I have made rainbow playdough before in jars and gave that as party bags/jars at Master 5’s party but thought I would try something a a bit different.

Master 4’s party will have a crocodile cake so I thought it would be fun to make some playdough for the kids to take home and make their own crocodile (although they looked a little more like ninja turtles once rolled and squashed into the bag lol). We made 4 batches of playdough. I have a Bellini Kitchen Master (bit like a thermomix) and I used this recipe. So quick and easy!

This idea could be modified with any colour combination. Make your own…. fairy, vehicle, spaceship, animal etc. I made one example and took a photo of it, which we then used on the little thank you card.

If not for a party bag, this idea would be a fun rainy-day activity. Find a few goggly eyes and other bits and pieces and create your own unique character :)