Custom Birth Announcement

Custom Birth Announcement Prints

Custom Birth Announcement

This pair of custom birth announcement designs were made for by beautiful twin niece and nephew.  I received a photo of the little cards that the nurses filled out in hospital and placed at the head of the babies’ cribs with all the birth details. From there I sketched a design, selected my colour palette and began my painting, cutting and gluing.

photo 4

All my custom birth announcement artworks are made to fit an Ikea RIBBA frame (approx A4 size). The artwork is glued onto firm white cardboard which prevents any wrinkling or bending of the artwork.

photo 1

Some parents have a set idea of their nursery colour scheme and want me to incorporate this into the artwork… others want a surprise. My design brief for this pair or artworks was… ‘colourful’ so I had plenty of scope to work with! They already had my Alphabet Print framed in the nursery so I made sure that similar colours from this artwork were used in the birth announcements.

photo 5

If you are interested in purchasing a custom birth announcement artwork for your child’s nursery, check out my Custom Designs page for further details.


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