Fun Tupperware Activities

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Fun Tupperware Activities for Kids

There is no reason why my Tupperware cupboard should be hideously messy as there are childproof locks on it. Not because I mind my boys playing with it but I got sick of picking up the whole contents of the cupboard 5 times a day. So locks gave me back an element of Mum Control!

For the past few months however, every time I tried to open the cupboard the whole damn lot kept falling down on me, not because of my kids but because my stacking method after cleaning had turned to aimlessly tossing the random items into the cupboard. If they didn’t fall back onto me, they were considered in their rightful place!

This week I decided to regain a little bit of Tupperware Cupboard Control and have some fun with the kids at the same time. I have listed 10 activities that are not only fun but a wonderful way to teach colour, counting, shapes, spatial awareness…. and the list goes on. Have some fun with the activities but firstly let them make a wonderful mess before stacking them back in the cupboard perfectly (which will only last a few days in my house!)

10 Fun Tupperware Activities

1. Sort all the tupperware into colours. You can start by finding one of each colour and as you do, ask your little person if they can find any more green… blue… yellow etc pieces to add to the piles. 
2. Select 5 or so pieces of varying sizes. Ask your little person to order them from biggest to smallest / tallest to shortest etc. Encourage and help them if they aren’t quite right….’is there another one that might be bigger than that one?’ ‘Do you think that is the smallest one?’
3. Select 5 or so pieces that will stack inside each other nicely. Lay them out and ask your little person to see if they can stack them inside each other in the right order. You can them turn them upside down and try stacking them on top of each other so it makes a tower with the largest container on the bottom and the smallest on top.
4. Look at and discuss the shapes of the Tupperware lids. Put them in piles of squares, rectangles and circles. (Don’t think you will find too many other shaped lids :)
5. Line all the tupperware up to see how long a line you can make.
6. Stack all the Tupperware on top of each other to see how tall a tower you can make. (works best with lids on)
7. If you’re brave. dip the lip of the containers into a shallow plate of paint and press onto some paper to create the different shaped outlines of the containers. If you do this with a few different colours and a few different shaped containers, it looks great!
8. Use your imagination and make the shape of a car, truck, person etc using the circular bowls as heads, wheels, rectangular ones for truck body, person’s body etc.
9. Place small items inside the containers like a toy car, marble etc, put the lids on and shake away. Instant instruments!
10. Create little houses and sheds out of the containers for Duplo / Lego people, plastic animals and matchbox cars etc. Create a whole village and get into the creative play!

Got some more great ideas, please share them in the comments below.  Have fun!

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