Ice Block Fun – Great activity for a hot day!

Ice Block Fun

Ice Block Fun

A perfect activity for a hot day! We have felt a little house-bound with 5 days over 40 degrees this week and have been trying to find ways to keep the little people from climbing the curtains!

This activity entertained them for at least an hour. My tip… the bigger the frozen block, the longer you will get!

Simply fill up a container / bowl with a variety of objects. I chose a few random items; matchbox cars, diggers, dinosaurs and some plastic farm animals.

Fill up the container with water (can add some food colouring if you want it to look pretty). If you find the animals float, just give them a squeeze if they are soft ones so they fill up with some water. That way they will be heavier and sink down a little.

Make room in your freezer and freeze overnight (yes you need to be prepared as it needs a fair bit of time to freeze).

I found it hard to choose what tools to arm the little people with without being dangerous. They ended up using some plastic tools and they worked fine. We had the best result hammering a screwdriver into the ice.

You could also experiment with tipping warm cups of water over the ice and have a discussion on what makes ice melt!

Have fun and be creative. You could freeze objects in a theme ie animals, cars, shiny things, fruit, blocks…. etc

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