Styrofoam Oasis

Foam Oasis 2

Styrofoam Oasis

This would have to be one of the more random things that we have done. I was filling the bins the other day and was about to throw this piece of styrofoam in the bin when I saw a potential tropical island oasis. It came from the bottom of a new dishwasher that we had delivered. They are ugly, useless pieces of packaging, however we put it to use….. for approximately 3 hours before it headed off to the tip.

We simply filled it with water, added some food colouring to the water (can add different colours to different sections to see what happens when they are mixed) and created some greenery by pressing sticks and leaves into the foam to look like trees and plants.

This seriously gave us at least a few hours of entertainment!

This is the timeline of the styrofoam’s last 3 hours

1.1st hour – Blue food dye, some sticks, flowers and plastic animals

2. 2nd hour- Red food dye, some sand, vehicles, sticks and plastic animals

3. 3rd hour – Big sticks, plastic hammer and chisel…… lots of little styrofoam chunks (beware of little kids… not very safe!)

4. Post 3rd hour – 2 boys collecting every scrap of styrofoam from the grass before our chooks and free-ranging rabbit got to them. Little discussion on non-biodegradable products and how foam does not break down, nor is very good for the environment ;)

2015-06-02 14.27.24 (Large)

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